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CHIRAG CONCRETE MACHINE PVT LTD established in the 2008, is the nominated manufacturer by Indian National Ministry of Construction, and is the leading manufacturer of Fully Automatic Multi-Functional Concrete Block and Brick Machines.

CHIRAG CONCRETE MACHINE PVT LTD persists in management concept of “Quality Creates Value, Profession Accomplishes Success”, developing its own core technology. CHIRAG was awarded “Well Known Trademark of India”, “High-tech Enterprise” and “Coimbatore Innovative Enterprises”.

After Several years effort, CHIRAG has developed over 24 types of high performance, high quality new products with self-owned intellectual property rights in Building Materials Machinery Industry. CHIRAG based on the application of Germany frequency conversional technology to block making machines, build up-to its own core competitive advantages in the industry. CHIRAG products won the “Product Patent Award” and “Product Innovation Award” many times and CHIRAG is Top 1 brand in domestic block making machine industry. CHIRAG machines are not only distributed and found in use all around India, but also exported to over 108 countries and areas, including Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania.


The endless river eastwards flows, with its huge waves are gone all those gallant heroes of bygone years. CHIRAG seizes each and every opportunity of development in the market, to keep competitive in the fast growing industry of construction machinery. We are endeavoring to build the No.1 Brand in India.

CEO : KS. Sarran Shakkthi


Use Delta PLC control system and Delta Touch Screen -

Delta PLC, with great adaptability, guarantees the stability and reliability of the machine; Delta PLC has safety logic control and troubleshooting functions, with data input and output.

Dynamic display of the systems status, automatic trouble shooting and warning notice.

Is able to set up, update and demand the production perimeters, as per specific requirements; permanent saving of various kinds of production recipes.

Has automatic self-locking function, avoiding mechanical accidents caused by intentional and unintentional operational mistakes.

Visualization touch screen, with easy operation.

High quality electrical components from Schneider and Omron.

Use Germany Frequency Conversional Technology, which controls the block making

Frequency Conversion Control; guarantees the precise and parallel movement between tamper head and mould, protects the products from transfiguration; increases the production rate by improving the vibrating efficiency.

Controls the instantaneous start and start of the motors, to protect the motor from over-heating caused by constant working

Power saving; 30%

Use Double high dynamic Proportional/Directional Valves to automatically adjust the oil flow and pressure

Buffer the hydraulic cylinder, to protect the cylinder from damage caused by inertia.

Guarantee production stability.

Multi shaft rotating is 360o and compulsory feeding

Speedy and rotating feeding, with uniform mixing, to guarantee the density and intensity of the products.

This uniform feeding is applicable for different kinds of raw materials and moulds.

Use heat treatment on moulds and main parts of the machines

Heavy-duty machine structure and wear resistant moulds.

The hardness reaches up to HRC 52.

Greatly improves the using lifetime of the machine by 50%.

Multi use strong performance the many kind of products with difference form and size can be made when use the difference mould, such as Kerb block, concrete block, fly ash brick, Interlocking Pavers etc..

The whole process uses a PLC aptitude control and dialogue system of human-machine interface, easy to analyse the change signal, ensure the best operation effect. High-efficient and super-strong vibration system, computer-control flow pressure of the hydraulic system, realize vertically synchronous vibration, frequency conversion, and braking, with synthetic output compounded with double vibration sources, thus greatly increase product compactness and mould-box service life.

The cloth system adopts semi-closed screen reticular rotational feeding unit to feed materials forcedly, with evenness and even speed, ensuring product intensity.

Fitted with special hydraulic loading unit, readily realize mass and automatic production, saving a great deal of human power, maintenance field, and circulating fund investment. Enlarge the available area of the work table: The appliance of the advanced vibration technology causes the larger work table, it makes that the productivity is increased greatly.

Particular vibration type: The computer controls the pressure and flowing rate of hydraulic system; vertical synchrony-vibration; frequency conversion; brake. Transforming the over quantity of hydraulic oil to a vibrating activated force, thereby basically eliminating the energy waste. Force feed unit: The whipping fork works rapidly during the feed box moves to up of mould box, finally the equalization of material feed and the consistency of the product's intensity are insured.

Reasonable distributing of vibration: mould box fixes at the vibrating table via the cylinder of drawing mould, there is a special vibrator fitted on the pressure head. The combine vibration of the work table and mould increases the vibrating velocity and causes the concrete liquefy and exhaust quickly, final the product reaches the high density and high strength.

Unique design: The special loading and supply unit, the multi-line whipping forks are fixed at inside of material feed box. The whipping forks works and feed the material to mould box forcedly during the material feed box moves to up of mould box, the feed will smoothly and equalization, than for the product, the intensity is insured and the weight is equal.

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